Happy Heart Health Month!


Do you LOVE your heart? Of course you do (what’s not to love?) And I’m sure you want to do all you can to keep it tickin’ nice and strong for many moons to come. So check out this list from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada that lists risk factors we can do…

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Friday Fabulous Find: SoLo GI Energy Bars

SoLo Bar_Dark Chocolate Almond

Welcome Friday! In today’s Fabulous Find feature, we take a look at a new energy bar on the market – one like no other we’ve seen yet: SoLo GI Energy Bars. We were stoked when the makers of SoLo asked us to review this intriguing energy bar. First things first: they taste uh-mazing! We tried…

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November is Diabetes Awareness Month


Each November brings another month of Diabetes Awareness (with World Diabetes Day taking place on November 14th). Some fast facts about diabetes in Canada: Almost four million Canadians have been diagnosed with diabetes, and many more are unaware they have the disease. Not cool. Diabetes can lead to serious complications such as cardiovascular disease and…

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A Day Without Added Sugar. Is it Possible?


Added sugars, they’re everywhere! From yogurt to crackers to salad dressings to snack foods. These days you would be hard pressed to find even a bread without sugar added. Let’s face it, sugar is tasty and keeps you coming back for more (literally, your brain will crave more – research has shown it can be as…

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GRG Explains: Flexitariaism


Ever think about goin’ the vegetarianism route but aren’t quite ready to give up your Sunday brunch bacon blitz? Then the Flexitarian Diet may be for you! The word “flexitarian” is a marriage of two words: flexible and vegetarian. Essentially, the term refers to someone who eats mostly a plant-based diet but occasionally chows down on some meat. One…

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Meatless Monday Recipe: Summer Minestrone Soup

minestrone soup

Welcome to our Meatless Monday feature post series, highlighting the lovely season of summer! These days, a multitude of local and fresh fruits and veggies abound. What better way to celebrate summer’s oh-so-short sweetness than a soup recipe that combines many of the seasons offerings. A long ingredient list yes, this soup is non-fussy to…

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GRG Product Review: Xyla Sugar Free Candies

Watermelon xylitol

An interesting product came to us recently: Xyla Candies and Gum. Xlya products are sugar free and are made from xylitol which is a sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohols do not contain alcohol but are actually sweeteners. Xylitol is the sweetener of choice in European countries and it’s only starting to gain popularity in North America….

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GetReal: Walnuts Linked to Risk Reduction of Type 2 Diabetes

walnut 1

Here’s a neat study that came out recently: Researchers at the Harvard School or Public Health found that eating walnuts 2-3 times per week was associated with a 24% reduction in the development of type 2 diabetes. The authors of the study looked at over 135,000 people and found, after controlling for other lifestyle factors,…

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GetReal Alert: Stevia Approved for use in Foods


Get ready Canada for an explosion of new products on the shelves! Health Canada has recently approved the use of stevia in foods. See their statement below: “Health Canada has approved stevia for use in foods and beverages, a move that extends its use beyond just the natural health products category. Prior to this announcement, stevia…

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GetReal Get Healthy Week 11: Fibre-rific!


This week’s Get Healthy Challenge is all about roughage. A diet high in roughage, aka FIBRE, is oh so important! The benefits of fibre are plentiful: – Keeps your gastrointestinal system healthy (think of it as exercise for your colon) – You feel fuller longer, helping with weight loss and maintenance – Prevents cancers like colon cancer – Lowers cholesterol…

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The Unhappy Truth About Soda: The (Get) Real Bears

Photo credit: http://therealbears.org/

Check out “The Real Bears” as they reveal the unhappy truth about soda in this pretty darn awesome video. “It wasn’t so bad when soft drinks were the occasional treat. But now sugary drinks are the number one source of calories in the American diet.” “With one third of America overweight and another third obese,…

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GetReal Quick Food Review: Tim Hortons Frozen Lemonade

frozen lemonade2

Looking to chill out with a slushie, cold bevvie? You’ve seen the commercials for them so let’s see what the deal is with Tim’s latest concoction: Frozen Lemonade.  Well, as usual, it depends on the size you order: A small frozen lemonade has 110 calories and 27 grams of carbs (26 of those grams come…

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Get the Real Deal on Magnesium


What is it? Magnesium is an important mineral that your body uses in over 300 systems within your body, including insulin production and protein synthesis. It is also an important part of maintaining healthy bones and nerves, which is why low magnesium can lead to osteoporosis and has been linked to stroke. Magnesium deficiency can…

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GetReal Recipe: A Sunny Salad


It’s hot hot hot. So let’s make a fresh and easy salad. This one is super delish, a cinch to make, and lasts in the fridge for a few days (‘course it’s so yum, it won’t be hanging around the fridge for long). This salad travels so well too. Great for lunches the next day…

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GRG Food Find: Syrup


Got the breakfast blah’s? Bored of the usual cereal for breakfast or toast with peanut butter? Good news- you can enjoy whole grain waffles, pancakes and crumpets (they do exists!) without breaking the calorie bank with E.D. Smith’s No Sugar Added Syrup. It’s delicious (trust me- I’ve tried it) and it only has 30 calories…

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Get Real: Carb phobia is over. Phew.


It’s safe to say the “no carb/low carb” is behind us now. However, some  people still don’t eat enough healthy carbohydrates to give them enough  energy to workout properly, to last the whole day, or to generally keep  them from chowing down on that freezer full of holiday baking. (“It’s  for the cookie exchange/grandkids/company!” Yah….

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